7-8th October, 2017

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Mozilla Web Extensions Hands-on Workshop and Hackathon By SRMKZILLA

A bunch of web enthusiasts on a pleasant Saturday morning of October’s first week had their weekend plans straight. Around 45 of them gathered in a groundbreaking session and a workshop on Mozilla web extensions. Perhaps, all of us would be using those invaluable tools but only few wanted to dig a bit deeper and know how to create them. TechTonic was a two day hands-on web extensions and a hackathon conducted on 7th & 8th October 2017 at SRM Institute Of Science and Technology Kattakulathur, Chennai.
The knowledge during the workshop was driven by Mr. KS Viswaprasath , Mr. Karthickeyan Narasimhan,Mr. Dinesh M V & Mr. Balaji prominent Mozilla Tech Speakers and Mozilla Campus Club advisory committee members. It was a part of the Activate Mozilla campaign. The objective of the event had been to teach the participants the process of making a web extension on the Firefox browser. Initially, the flow of it starts with conceptualizing the idea, then weighing its pros, coding it, testing and uploading it for verification.
Outcomes of the event: The parameter of success for any endeavour is determined by the objectives fulfilled eventually. And TechTonic can unequivocally bragged to be a success in that respect. Various add-ons have been created and successfully uploaded in the browser with acceptance.

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