22-24th March, 2018

A Three day Technical Fest organized by SRMKZILLA

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Isn’t your spider-sense trying to tell you something?
That’s right people.
SRMKZILLA is coming up with the third edition of MOZOFEST.
Get ready to be lost in these fun filled 3 days.
Richard Feynman once said that once he gets on a puzzle,he cant get off!
So lets get hooked on to solving various challenges MOZOFEST'18 has to offer. Ready for it?

MOZOFEST'18 is a three day Technical Fest by SRMKZILLA,Mozilla Campus Club on 22nd, 23rd and 24th March 2018 at SRM Institute of Science and Technology. This is the third edition our highly successful event of the year. This year we planned to bring more technicality to our fest through Mozilla workshops, Tech Talks by Open Source Community Members, a professional Hackathon, Tech and Non Tech events and lots more!

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SRM FOSS Meetup 2018

SRM FOSS Meetup 2018 features a full-day series of conferences and workshops, from Beginner to advanced level on 24th March, 2018 at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) Kattankulathur Campus.
Our discussion topics focus on:
Web Technologies, programming language, ML & AI, Content management system or anything which is promoted by Free and Open source community.
Each of our session will last 50 minutes including both presentation and discussion.
Speaking at SRM FOSS Meetup 2018 is a great opportunity to INFLUENCE the IT minds around the city and also get INSPIRED by others as we encourage open and interactive activities between speakers and audience.
As SRM FOSS Meetup 2018 aims at a SHARING space, we welcome all speakers who can bring here your own stories with UP-TO-DATE knowledge or PRACTICAL experiences INSTEAD OF PROMOTING A SPECIFIC COMPANY OR BRAND (we will surely not accept topics that concentrate on advertising or promoting your company or brand)..

It's open to all students and the developers. You can come and learn about open source technologies.

Here is an exciting opportunity to become speaker at SRM FOSS Meetup 2018. You can join us and talk about free and open source software. If you are interested fill call for speakers form by clicking the button below

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MOZOFEST Hackathon is a 24 hour event that will see participants going on a journey that started as a small budding idea and will end as a Minimum Viable Product that is good enough to turn heads. It will take place at SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) Kattankulathur Campus from 23rd March, 2018 to 24th March, 2018. The theme for the Hackathon is to empower participants with the power to solve day to day problems pertaining to any field from education to transportation with the help of technology. They must come together in teams of two, three or four and pledge to solve a real life issue, one that affects us all and use technology to build a product that offers a viable solution.

Participants can work on any of the following tracks:

AI Track-The expanse in the field of technology has increased due to the pivotal role played by artificial intelligence in enhancing human augmentation to an exquisite level. From Stephen Hawkings speech machine to the social humanoid robot Sophia , Artificial intelligence has its reach in all walks of life. Be a part of this legacy!
VR/AR Track - Drawn towards the flashes of building unparalleled virtual and augmented reality experiences? Unveil your talents using this track.
IoT Track - We haven't forgotten the men with the tools, one who build the hardware that connects us to each other and to technology. If you are such a person, this track is for you. Participants are requested to bring their own hardware.
Open Source - Not sure about any of the abovementioned tracks? Don't worry, this track gives you the freedom to make whatever you want using whatever you want as long as the technology is open source.

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